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Elizabeth Starr's giant balloons

When Elizabeth Starr is around, stock up on the bee pollen, lecithin and zinc for a superior cum reserve. She likes a hefty load deposited on her super-sized boobs. Even the longest dicks get hidden between Elizabeth‘s super-deep cleavage pussy. “It’s all about the titties,” Elizabeth always points out. Her enormous tits look like they are about to rip apart her tight halter top and her small and tight butt is barely covered by her shorts. She is an expert at tit-fucking and pleasuring the cock. She steps out of her denims to show off more of her trim body. Underneath her halter and shorts, a seductive red two-piece. Help Elizabeth out of that. Check out her thick-lipped, meaty pussy. Looking at it adds to the visual thrills as she strokes you. She kneels before your cock to begin pulling, tugging, jacking and tit-fucking the hardening pipe. With her expert hands and her major melons, she will be extracting your load on her hooters to create a happy ending as the cum sprays out. Your happy ending makes Elizabeth Starr happy. She is a girl who enjoys watching the jizz launch out of your cock head, knowing her handiwork and her breastwork is responsible for your erupting geyser. She certainly knows how to pop your meat thermometer.
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